Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our fun filled Thanksgiving week!

I LOATH being sick- and in the last week I have been sick twice and my hubby and my baby have been sick!  all right on or around thanksgiving! which only meant that we didn't eat as much as we usually do- which means we didn't gain the 5 pounds we usually do, so that part wasn't so bad- but the throwing up..blah! and the part about Oaklie being sick..also not good!

We had 4 thanksgivings this year- which as crazy as that sounds actually was pretty mellow. Wednesday we had dinner with my mom, which was a perfect low key night in!, Thursday with Dustin's parents and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson (who are a freaking hoot! wish we saw them more) Thursday night with the Carters- always an eventful good time and then Sunday with my dad. 

In between we did some Black Friday shopping which is always a good time, people are AMAZING! one of my favorite past times is people watching- I could do it for HOURS! I'm a bit ridiculous with it- I have a hard time concentrating on anything and stare like a child if there is anyone "interesting" around! when I was single and would go out dancing with my FAB's (my 3 best friends..we are Fabulous!) I couldn't even dance I would just stare...they wondered why I even came dancing....hello who cares about dancing when there are fools to watch!

ANYWAY.... we also had a great date night with our friends who are also our cousins in between the mellow madness which was also a grand time! we watched 'Meet Dave' which I will be honest when our cousin said that's what we where watching I thought "perfect us girls can go talk cause that sounds like a lame ass movie" but it was actually pretty freaking funny! and we all loved it! thanks Tony, I will never doubt your movie picking skills again.

THIS WEEK.... has been interesting. Dustin has been working in Moab so he has been staying there. it's the longest we've ever been away from each other by a land slide- IT IS HARD!! We had never gone48 hours apart from each other- even while dating! some people think that's Crazy! and that's fine there is a lot of crap other people do that I KNOW is crazy! to each their own . I will say this it has made us both appreciate what the other does in our marriage a lot more- especially sense having Miss Oaklie! and we (me and Oaklie) cannot wait for him to come home tomorrow! he will get a 3 day weekend then off to Moab for another 4 days! Luckily we only have these 2 weeks to deal with it! 

her 2 bottom teeth are officially cut threw the gums!
she is sitting up 100% by herself
and rolling and scooting like crazy!
She likes the Gerber teething cookies my mom bought her
but hates the  Gerber banana "puffs" I bought her.....typical- grandma wins!

Also I wanna learn how to make my blog cute....but am slightly retarded.


Friday, November 19, 2010

A work in Process...

when you play with fire, you will get burned. something we where all taught when we where little. 
If you talk Shit about someone (even it's true)- it will catch up with you, or hurt someone not intended to be hurt.....something I'm learning the hard way :(

Lesson Learned. I'm a work in process.

Along with this- I am learning I am way more of a grudge holder than I ever thought- the main reason I talk about "certain people" is because the way they treated's been like 2 years- time to get over it. 
 1st step is admitting you have a problem right?
 we'll go ahead and add this to my new years list. 

That is all for tonight.....
p.s watching the sorcerers apprentice.....not a huge fan- which is why I am blogging. 
Also started my Christmas shopping today!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to Blog or NOT to Blog?

I have plenty to say, ask anyone who knows me. So why is it so hard to type it?
I have mixed emotions on blogging... I have really enjoyed reading some blogs, and others, I think WTF? people this is the internet!!! the World Wide Web! why in the hell are you posting such personal things on here? ( hopeful I am never guilty of this)
but after some convincing from my oh so funny and amazing Best friend/cousin, here I am to try it out again!

so lately life has been pretty good :) I don't have a whole lot to complain about- except that damn money tree that I ordered has yet to arrive!
this year has been super busy- in a nut shell

had a job, got laid off
had little miss Oaklie!
turned 25
celebrated 3 years of marriage to my wonderful Husband!
learned of 3 new family members :)
and got a new job that I love!

pretty average right?

so without getting to "personal" (I've jinxed myself- it will happen now)
I had decided I would like to find my Birth Father and in doing so I discovered that (on a very sad note) he had been killed in an accident when I was 11...super mixed emotions on never getting to meet him, I won't get into it; but (on a SUPER positive note) also discovered he was married to a wonderful woman and they had 2 kids! my half sister and half brother- who I have had so much fun getting to know, and can't wait till we can meet in person! (they live far away)

Becoming a Mom this year has defiantly been the highlight! she is our little Angel! we where truly blessed to get her! she will be 6 month on thanksgiving and I can't believe how fast it has gone by :( a part of me is so excited for her to grow up- but most of me want's her to be little forever! she is so fun, so active- always busy looking around and now rolling and scooting! she has started to eat baby food and cereal....which is an adventure! we have a bumbo chair- that we love! but didn't realize how quickly we would need a high chair so we had put off buying one, thinking we'd just use the bumbo- so not the same...needless to say this weekend our #1 priority is buying a high chair! Also Oaklie's latest and greatest is getting her first tooth! she has been teething sense she was 3 months- not a joke...also not fun! for her or us. so over this last weekend we where pretty Stoked to see that it had started breaking through her little gum's- only to realize this is the most painful part for her :( so we've been getting through the low- grade fever's, little bit of fussing ( she's so not a fussy baby!) and spitting up! she's been having a hard time getting to sleep too- which is why I am enjoying a lovely movie date with her and baby Bach right now :) she is however still sleeping through the night, so really I can't complain!

New Years is coming so I;m setting my goals...starting now, in no particular order....
1- keep up on Blog
2- lose weight....but for real this time.
3-be better about spending money
4- try not to judge others or talk about them.....even if they are crazy!

there will be more, there always is :)
well this was fun- Thanks Miss New Booty!

gossip girl
man I love that show! I need to own season 3!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oaklie's first Baby Shower!

This Last Saturday (March 27, 2010) Oaklie's Great Aunt Bodi Threw her a Baby Shower! We had a great turn out, all of Dustin's family showed up. It was so exciting to see all of the love and support that Me, Dustin and Oaklie have from them, as well as it was so fun to open all of the gift's! I love presents! it's border line embarrassing lol, But it really was so fun!
Oaklie got so many cute things! I don't think I'm gonna need to buy her clothes for the first few months, I already have 2 Rubbermaid containers full! Dustin's Parent's were also kind enough to buy Her a crib! it's Beautiful- we still have alot to do to get her nursery ready but I can't wait till we can set the crib up!
Thanks to all of my in-laws for a wonderful shower!
Other than that not a whole lot, Dustin is still working @ Tree's, and try's to get to the Dunes as often as he can and I'm still Pregnant and getting more and more
anxious to meet our little princess! (only 8 more weeks!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gonna give it a Whirl !

I decided it was about time I figure out how to blog...Usually by the time I figure out how to use a site a new one comes out and I have to start all over again, so we'll see what happens with this!

A bit about us... Me and Dustin have been married for just about 3 years (in July) and we are expecting our first little one in May! A little Princess, Oaklie Mae. We are beyond excited to start our little family!
We enjoy doing pretty much anything that is outside. Dustin grew up in a VERY adventurous family, four wheeling and jeeping are their specialties; so I've had to learn how to become more "out-doorsy" the last 3 years...I'm still working on it!

I'm hoping to keep up with this, but we'll see how this goes!